Ultraviolet Water Purifier: The Positive Water Systems Ultra Violet sterilizer consists of Ultra Violet lamps and Teflon Tubes built in a high quality stainless steel alignment. When water is passed through vertical tubes having water inlet and outlet nozzles, the ultra violet lamps emits ultra violet rays which kills the harmful bacteria present in the water. Ozone destroys almost all the including a bacteria, virus fungi, spores etc., and consequently the resultant water is absolutely safe and pure. Ozonation is the most environment friendly treatment known today leaving no trace of toxicity in water as against the bad effects of chlorine(CL2). The treatment and has long shelf life.

Reverse Osmosis Plant: Reverse osmosis or RO systems are used for treatment of water for reduction of high dissolved solids. The flow of the solvent is reversed by applying external pressure to the concentrated side. The concept is widely used to fresh water from any quality of water. Water contains high impurities that can be removed only through membrane technology with a membrane porosity of 0.0001 microns. [Bacteria is 0.001 microns]. The plants are either standard or custom designed to meet the requirements of the customers.

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