Drinking Water Vending Machine: We offer drinking water vending machine that has inbuilt water chilling process with micro processors to draw water at a prescribed temperature. The machines have multi meter facility with programmed logic control (PLL). It helps to display and calculate the liters of water used.
        >        Very fast flow rate of 500, 1000 litters per hour.
        >         Water vending machine with reverse osmosis technology with UV & Ozonator.
        >        Coin mechanism & Tamper proof electric counter.
        >        Dispensing volumes (300ml, 500ml, 1ltr. etc..)
        >        Quality control parameters and chilling process
        >        Overall area size for 500 lit and 1000 lit per day would be 25 & 30
                  square feet respectively.
        >        Machine provides water as per BIS specification IS 14543:2004
        >        LED display in Micro Processor for customer verification

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