Quality Control: The ground water is processed through MOST ADVANCED REVERSE OSMOSIS plant.    The  first   purification step starts  from  the storage tank by chlorinating the raw water to eliminate the harmful MICRO-ORGANISAMS ofter that treated water is subjected to various stages of Filtration to remove suspended solids, odour and free chlorine.

In the second stage the disinfected and filtered water is processed through REVERSE OSMOSIS  semi permeable membranes by putting high pressure on the membranes   in this process the water divided in to two steream one is highly concentrated called as  REJECTION WATER this go to rejection line   and onother one is PURE WATER called as PERMEATE WATER. In the third stage the PERMEATE WATER  is treated through a series of MICRON FILTERS for micron levels filtration to obtain crystal clear water and sterilized through ULTRAVIOLET STERLISATION and finally OZONATED to eliminate the remaining Microorganisms and packed in the containers in sterile zone. (10 stage purification system) Stringent quality control is adopted to produce the best purified drinking water as per IS; 14543 norms. The entire process is Triple sterilization method to enhance the shelf life of the product, " KEENO".PACKAGED DRINKING WATER

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