This may involve, primary treatmentS i.e., coagulation, flocculation and clarification, secondary treatment for aeration, clarification and disinfections and finally tertiary treatment for color removal and reduction of TDS and recycling of water for process needs. A systematically devised programmed, ensured availability of materials as on-site maintenance.

Domestic Water Treatment Plant: PositiveWater Systems offers economical, cost effective and proven performance domestic water treatment equipment. The designing and development of systems depend upon specific requirements of the customers, duly appraised by the technical team. PositiveWater Systems contribution to Domestic Household sector is no less important.

Depending on specific requirements of the customer, duly appraised by the company's technical team, a right kind of economical,
COST EFFECTIVE and proven performance equipment is supplied. The customer is also kept close to the heart by a structured maintenance programmer.

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